She was a hardened rock in a world full of luscious red rubies
The rubies constantly attacked her, chiselled her
Their taunts never stopped cutting her
Neither did she make an appeal to them
For they remained rubies
And she had turned into a diamond.



She fluffed her short hair consciously
Her breaths quickened as he met her gaze across the dance floor
Turning her gaze away, she swayed more confidently, with a new found swagger
Casting a sideways glance she saw him looking at her with morbid fascination
Her stomach fluttered as he walked in her direction
Her heart slamming wildly against her chest
He walked in closer
She could smell the citrus cologne teasing her senses
Her mouth went dry as he offered her his long fingered sinewy hand
She wiped her sweaty hands on her thighs
And watched with horror as the ruby mouthed woman standing behind her
Put her hand in his, gingerly
Her long cascading tresses falling at her slim back undulating perfectly with his every move
Her cheeks flushed with mortification
Of thinking that he could ever choose her
Over her
She fluffed her short hair consciously
And continued to dance
Trying hard not to look back.


The cacophony of high pitched laughter
The fake smiles and cold glares
The superficial relationships
The sugar coated character slaughters
And those piercing stares

Caught in this nauseating whirlwind of condescending conventees and fake feminists
You came into my life like a welcome rain
And relinquished all my wounds and the throbbing pain
The years of drought now seemed worthwhile
Your every droplet replenished my every contour
And cooled my scathing, scorching soul
Like the respite of the cool winds
After months of unbearable heat
You became the balm for my open wounds
Inflicted upon my trust, repeatedly, constantly.

You spoke the language that my conscience longed for
You sang the tune my soul craved for
You waltzed your way
Into my heart
And swayed my loyalties away
And yet proved worthy of them every single time

And yet, still
My heart bleeds and prays
That you are not one of those

And yet something, makes me believe,
keeps me hanging.

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