The Pressure of Perfection

She has got the perfect family
A best friend who’s best in every sense of the word
Professors who believe in her
Grandparents to pamper her and render her spoilt.

She lives in a rose tinted world of joy and jollity.

And yet she feels a pressure so strong
A an external force gagging her, crushing her lungs
In those moments of anxiety
It becomes difficult to breathe
Or think.

A whirlwind of self doubt and nausea
Delusions and melancholy.

An excruciating pain gnawing at her throat
A painful lump choking her.

The pain of perfection.

The pressure to perform boughs her down
But whom can she put the blame on?
It is she who has set these parameters for herself
Nothing short of perfection pleases her
Anything less leaves her broken and bereaved
Ambitions so big that they are barely contained in her small frame
The pressure to excel exerting a deadly force
Weighing too heavily on her slender shoulders
It is she who has chosen this
It is she who is responsible for her state
Then whom can she put the blame on?


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