Snippets from my diary- Krantikaaris and Inquilaab – I

Nothing cheers me up more than reading revolutionary quotes and poems.
Nothing lifts my spirit up and inspires me the way these do.

Here is a small collection from my diary of writings of various freedom fighters who chose their pens over swords and made sure their words inspired youngsters generations on.


Jaounga khaali haath magar
Yeh gham saath hi jaayega
Jaane kis din Hindustan
Azaad watan kehlaayega

Bismil Hindu hain, kehetein hain
Phir aaunga, phir aakar ke aye Bhaarat Ma
Tujhko aazaad karaounga

Ji karta hai main bhi keh doon
Par mazhab se bandh jaata hoon
Main musalmaan hoon
Punarjanam ki baat nahi kar paata hoon

Haan khuda agar mil gaya kahan
Apni jholi phela lunga

Aur jannat ki jagah
Ek punar janam hi maangunga

Ashfaq Ulla Khan

Another master craftsmen was Pandit Ramprasad Bismil who left us the legacy of Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna.

Marte Bismil, Roshan, Lehri, Ashfaq atyachaar se.
Honge paida sainkdon
Rudhir ki dhaar se

-Ram Prasad Bismil

Even though most of the gems are in Urdu, Hindi and Hindustani, there are the exceptional English quotes by Ashfaq and Bhagat Singh.
Bhagat Singh in fact, was an astonishingly intellectual man, who could read, write and speak fluent English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Bengali. He was a ferocious reader and a proficient writer and read extensively the works of Karl Marx and Lenin.

Lovers, lunatics and poets are made of the same stuff.

Bhagat Singh

…. more in Part 2


Guardian Angel

I walk in a daze
Absentmindedly, on a ledge 
Forgetting the world in a blithe stupor 
I forget to look down 
And fall
Into the nothingness 
I feel the air around me and ease in
Ceasing to the finale 
Accepting the end as it comes
And out of the rainbow you appear
Unfurling your velvet wings
Swooping me into your sinewy arms
I open my eyes to the blinding the light
Of your glittering halo
Your fingers tracing my long spine and your hand settling at the small of my back 
I cease in once more
More confident this time
I resign myself to your refuge
As your arms take me in their sanctuary 
I never felt more protected 
Than I do now
Wrapped warm in your arms
Behind you I see the rainbow disappear 
And we land swiftly to the ground
I know it’s time for you to leave
I let you
Long after you leave
Your touch and your light lingers 
I let you go
Because I know
No fall will ever again be fatal
Because I finally found my guardian angel

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